If you’re interested in consistent weekly training to supplement your club training, then you’ve found the right place.  Focus Goalkeeping Academy caters to the elite goalkeeper (male or female) who is willing to push themselves the extra mile, wants to improve on the important technical and tactical details, and has a competitive fire in everything they do.

​We will cover all aspects of the position – first breaking each topic down to learn and solidify the fundamental techniques – and then building up to complex live environments containing an array of decision making elements.

Whether you’re training consistently each week with us to supplement your club training or brushing up at a single camp or clinic, we are here to help you develop your game and become the best goalkeeper you can be.  We believe that consistent training makes confident goalkeepers, and confident goalkeepers perform at their highest level.  Our Academy is the perfect place to start.

​FOUNDATIONAL (2011-2008 birth years)
ADVANCED (2007-2003 birth years)

A sample of the week-to-week curriculum can be found below:

Week 1: Handling, Footwork, Diving
Week 2: Shot Stopping & Positioning
Week 3: Reaction Saves
Week 4: Backpasses and Distribution
Week 5: 3-Goal Situation
Week 6: High Balls, Tipping, & Distribution
Week 7: High Balls & Free Kicks
Week 8: 1v1s & 2v2s
Week 9: Communication & Organization
Week 10: Recap & Games

Class Features

  • Category Training
  • Duration 1:00
  • Students 8
  • Shift Sunday Nights
  • Price $45