July 21st, 2024
5:00 – 7:00pm

Wake Competition Center
Competition Center Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560

9 – 18 years old

All Levels

$89 (+service fee)


GK Wars is fun, fast-paced, and exciting 1v1 competition for goalkeepers of all ages and levels.  It’s been played around the world many ways, but no matter what version you play, it always gives goalkeepers the opportunity to use, work on, and show off multiple areas of their game….
While having a blast!

This clinic will provide registrants with the opportunity to train in a competitive environment – next to AND against their peers – all while surrounded by some of the best goalkeeper coaches in the area.  There’s no better way for a goalkeeper to improve their live, tactical, in-game abilities than through live competitions.  These competitions allow for goalkeepers to work on positioning, timing, and decision-making – and coaches will help guide them in each of those areas.  Goalkeepers will get coaching from top-level youth and college coaches AND a fun, fast, and competitive environment in one event.

  • 2013-2011
    • Field is 14 yards wide x 16 yards long
    • Ball is a size 4
    • Goal is 9v9
  • 2010-2006
    • Field is 16 yards wide x 18 yards long
    • Ball is size 5
    • Goal is 11v11

  • Each field will have 1 referee (coach)
  • Each game is controlled by this referee, who has full authority to enforce the rules of the game.
  • All match-related decisions are determined by the referee. Those decisions are considered final once the match has ended.
  • The referee reserves the right to modify the tournament rules should he/she deem it necessary. These referee will communicate any modifications with any and all affected participants
  • The referee reserves the right to stop, suspend, or terminate the game at his/her discretion for any rule infringements, safety precautions, player injuries, or unsportsmanlike conduct from participants or parents.
  • All decisions are final, no protests will be accepted.
  • All rule modifications may be made at the Tournament Director’s discretion, including but not limited to:
    • Field Size
    • Ball Size
    • Goal Size
    • Game Duration
    • Total number of Matches per GK

  • A match consists of 2 halves of 3 minutes each
  • GKs will change goals during a 1-minute halftime.
  • We ask that other GKs please help with the event by acting as ball retrievers.

  • GK must report to their field 5 minutes before the start of their game time (near the referee) and, when asked, provide their name and age group to the referee.
  • The referee will oversee Rock, Paper, Scissors (best of one) in lieu of a coin toss. The winner will choose whether they’d like to start with the ball or choose which side/goal they’d like to start in.
  • GKs switch sides at the half
  • The GK that did not start with the ball at the beginning of the match starts with the ball in the 2nd half
  • Participants are not required to wear shin guards

  • Only one ball is permitted on the field during match play
  • GKs must aim to score goals on the opposite GK/goal via any of the following methods of distribution from their hands or the ground:
    • Throw
    • Volley
    • Drop Kick
    • Stationary Kick
    • Roll and Kick
  • GKs must distribute the ball within 6 seconds of taking possession of the ball. Possession means that said GK firmly maintains control of ball by catching it, stopping g it, or receiving it from the sideline (referee).
  • In the event that the ball is not distributed within 6 seconds, the designated GK will be called for a delay of game. A delay of game penalty violation results in a change of ball possession.
  • 2013-2011 Age groups will have 6 seconds and 6 yards from their goal to try and score
  • 2010-2006 Age groups will have 6 seconds and 4 yards from their goal to try and score
  • All fields will have a center section (dead zone) that neither GK can go into during game play to shoot or save the ball
  • Offside: a GK is offside if he/she enters the opponents half. After infringement he/she loses possession of the ball.  Play resumes with both keepers starting from their own goal line.
  • A goal is scored when the entire ball passes over the goal line, between the goal posts, and under the crossbar, provided that no infringement of the laws of the game have been committed prior to the goalkeeper distribution.
  • The GK earning the greater number of goals by the end of the match is the winner.

  • After a GK makes a save, he/she can attempt to score within the designated shooting area, using any type of distribution within 6 seconds
  • If GK1 shoots the ball and it deflects off GK2, the crossbar, or the post (and returns back to GK1’s half) GK1 may strike the rebound ONLY as a one-time shot. Again, this is only if the rebound comes back into your half of the field.
  • This one-time shot is allowed ONLY by the initial shooter on the initial rebound.
  • Any rebound that goes back into the initial shooter’s goal is NOT counted as a goal. This is played as an out of bounds and is given to the opposing keeper as a restart.

The ball is out of play when:

  • It has entirely crossed the goal line or touch line whether on the ground or in the air
  • If a GK saves or deflects the ball out of bounds it remains said GK’s ball
  • If a GK is scored on, the ball will restart in said GK’s hands to continue play

Each GK is guaranteed a minimum of 3 games, dependent on the event and number of registrants (and therefore format of the tournament).

WIN = 3 points
TIE = 1 point
LOSS = 0 points

The goalkeepers in each group with the 4 highest scores will move on to the semi-final match for their age group.  The winner of that game will move on to the championship game for their age group.  Each age group will have 1 champion crowned.

Points tiebreakers for playoffs/seeding:

  1. Points
  2. Head-to-Head
  3. Forfeits
  4. Least Goals Conceded (Goals Against)
  5. Goal Differential
  6. Sudden death PK Shootout (1-for-1)


  • Games during match play (round robin) CAN end in a tie
  • Playoff games (wildcard, semis, finals) CANNOT end in a tie
    • In the event of a tie during a playoff game, an overtime period will be played.
      • 2 minutes long, NO sudden death
      • Overtime wins are scored with 1 more goal being given to the winner. (Actual goals scored during overtime will be documented in the notes of that game).
      • If the game is still tied after 3 minutes of overtime, the players will go to a sudden death PK shootout.

If weather stops play during a match –

  • For the match to count, the match must make it to half time to stand as an official match played
  • If a weather-related issue stops the match prior to making it to halftime, the match will be postponed and restarted
  • If the match is not able to continue due to weather, the game will not officially count as played

If weather stops the event from completing and a minimum number of 3 games have been played, the event will be considered final.  The winners will be determined by standings.

If less than 3 games have been played, then a partial refund will be given or a transfer of full registration fee to another event will be offered.

  • GKs must complete the match to win the match. If an injury prevents a GK from completing the game, that game will be called a forfeit and the opposing GK will be given the win.
  • If a player drops out leading up to finals matches (quarterfinals, semifinals, or finals), the next highest ranked player in their bracket will be moved up in the injured player’s position.